We are giving effective inplant training for(IPT) Engineering student BE(CSE/EEE/ECE/E&I/MECHANICAL/CIVIL/MECHATRONICS/AERONAUTICAL),B.Tech(IT), B.Sc(CSE/IT), and B.C.A candidates

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IMPORTANCE OF Aerospace Engineering Internships For International Students

The breadth of Computer Science and Engineering may be best understood in terms of the general areas of software systems, hardware, theory and applications.Now a days it has been significant improvements in the usability and effectiveness of computing technology. Modern society has seen a significant shift in the users of computer technology, from usage only by experts and professionals, to a near-ubiquitous user base.


The Aerospace Engineering Internships For International Students at KAASHIV INFOTECH focus on developing the technical oriented concepts that turn graduates into employable assets. Handled only by professionals from MNC companies, we know how to equip you with strong technologies fundamentals We promise you to achieve your goals and dreams in Your future.

Who can Join?

1st Years / 2nd Years / 3rd Years / 4th Years / Passed Outs / Freshers
Any degree and Any year students can participate in this program.


  Trainers are from Top MNC Companies and Technology experts

  In addition, you will be getting Special Training from the Company Director Mr. Venkat - 16 International Award Winner(9 Awards from Microsoft) - Check his profile in our Website


  Awarded best Trainer and Subject Matter Expert from HCL Technologies


     1. Download inplant TRAINING Request Form from our website http://www.kaashivinfotech.com .
     2. Fill the form and send it to us (Any 5 days - 1 day , 2 day or Any number of days).
     3. Fill our online form located at http://www.inplanttrainingchennai.com/inplant-training.php
    4. Book your seats as soon as possible. If you are looking for Internship Specify in your email while sending the form.
    5. No need for Bonafide certificates.
    6. College ID card is mandatory.


  1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 4 Days, 5 days , 10 Days, 15 Days, 1 Month, 2 Month program.

  In case, Students need less or more than 5 days. Yes, we can plan it.

  1. We can provide inplant training based on students preference.
  2. Students can attend Any number of days. (1 day to 2 months) .
  3. inplant Certificates will be given based on the number of attended days.


Venkat (7667662428) and Arun  (7667668009) - Email ID: kaashiv.info@gmail.com , priyanka.kaashiv@gmail.com


• Industry recognized participation certificates will be provided to the students. • Best Performance Awards and Best Performance Certificate for Star Performers.


Hostel Facilities available for Students outside Chennai: There are many secured hostels with good facilities available for both boys and girls separately.

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